Hello Dr Moradi,

I have a few questions about breast reductions. I have E sized breasts which I have had since I was a teenager when I was a size 12 im now a size 18 and have recently lost a few kilos and planning to loose a lot more but finding it very difficult to exercise due to my breast hurting during exercise even with a very exp sports bra, my question is should I put up with the pain and get the surgery when im at my goal weight or can I have it now whilst still heavy? Or will weight loss effect the breast if I have already had the surgery??

Thanks for the email. In the ideal world you want your weight to be stable for at least 3months before you consider elective surgery. If you think you can reach your ideal weight, then I would recommend doing that. This will give you the most predictable result. However,  large breasts pose different challenges because of the negative impact they have on your ability to perform physical activity. If your pain is unbearable, then I would suggest you get the operation a little sooner. Pretty much every woman I have performed breast reduction on regrets not doing it earlier. In fact most end up losing more weight after surgery because they can finally do meaningful, pain free exercise. An obvious concern is what your breasts will look like should you lose weight after a breast reduction. If you lose a few kilos, then there won't be any noticeable difference. However, if you lose 15kgs, then of course your breasts will lose some volume too. If weight loss is your goal, then this could be a good problem to face! One of my patient's has kindly shared her story, particularly the positive influence on her yoga breast reduction had.  Follow this link: https://www.realself.com/review/randwick-au-breast-reduction-knew-good I hope this helps. Feel free to email me anymore questions. Do you want my practice manager to call you tomorrow to arrange an appointment? Regards, Dr. Moradi