Question: All of the women in my family have curves, and all stand around 5' 5", weighing around 145 to 150 pounds. The difference between me and the balance of the women in my family is that I am a standard C cup, and the others are a natural DD-E cup. I am considering breast augmentation surgery to enhance my size to be closer to theirs, but am curious about how implants appear in size next to their naturally sized counterparts. Your thoughts?

Answer:Natural breasts and implants will look very different, if only because the surgery is designed to replicate breasts - not replace them completely. The final outcome will depend on your shape and size, and the implants may leave you looking even better than the rest of the girls. Since you are already a C cup, consider jumping 300cc, or three cup sizes, for a reasonably natural result. At the end of the day, implants will always look different than the natural breasts the other girls have, but that is not a bad thing. Yours will probably look better! For a good look at what the sizing will look like, look for a plastic surgeon that has 3D imaging software so they can provide you with a glimpse into your future body with a realistic expression of the larger size. I hope this helps.