Dr. Moradi, can you give me an overview of breast augmentation process and costs involved?

Thank you for the enquiry. Breast Augmentation consultation cost $250 for an hour and includes all other subsequent pre-op visits and post-op checks. This price includes the consultation with me, plus an additional hour with my practice nurse (should you proceed with the procedure) who will go through post-op garmet fitting and medication optimisation i.e. what to take before and after the procedure. The fee also includes the use of the 3D Vectra camera which is a great way to check out different implant sizes and styles on your 3D animated image. The total cost of implants is around $10,000. This includes all the post-op checks for the life of your implant plus any revisional surgery that you may need. I have written a short article on the cost of implants on my blog, check it out on….https://drmoradi.com.au/procedures/breasts/breast-augmentation/ I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to email me any further questions you may have.