How Much Is Uninsured Breast Reduction Surgery

How Much Is Uninsured Breast Reduction Surgery

I am looking into breast reduction surgery. Could you advise a cost (uninsured), what this cost includes and cost of consultation. I will have a referral from my gp also. Which hospital do you operate in? Thanks

The consultation fee is usually $250 and this includes all pre-op visits to see me and my nurse. With the GP referral you get around $80 back from medicare.

I currently have a special now, where the consultation is bulk billed with the GP letter. Make sure you tell my staff when you make the appointment so they don’t charge you the $250.

If you don’t have insurance, I prefer to operate at North Shore Day surgery. This is a great facility and the cheapest for uninsured patients.

Medicare rebates you around $1000 irrespective of your insurance status.

The total cost for everything is:
$13,000. That includes surgical fees, anaesthetists fees, hospital fees, assistance fees plus also all your post-op appointments.

I hope this helps.


Dr. Moradi

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