How Much Is A Breast Lift And Reduction?

How Much Is A Breast Lift And Reduction?

Hi Dr Moradi,

I’m 20 years old and I have been desperately searching for a surgeon for a breast lift and maybe reduction.

My breasts are still quite full however they have completely detached from my chest wall.

They sag about 3 inches and are very heavy. When I wear a bra I fit in a 10d-10dd but sometimes even a 14c depending on the bra its hard to know what size I actually am.

I dont want implants I just want my breasts to sit higher up and be firmer so they dont spill out everywhere.

They also move around so much when I try to exercise it hurts which limits what I can do to stay healthy. How much would I be looking at for cost and how much is a consultation?

I really love your work your results are by far the best ive seen from all the surgeons ive searched. 

Kind Regards,

Thanks for sharing with me your concerns.

By the sounds of things you will be an ideal candidate for a breast lift/reduction.

The goals of the operation are to:

1) shape the breast

2) reposition the breast mound and nipple higher up on your chest wall

3) reduce the skin envelope

The only difference between a breast lift and reduction is how much breast tissue you want reduced and what size you want to be after.

Do you have private insurance?

  • If yes, then the gap fee is around $5000 and that is for everything.
  • If no, then the total fee is around $12000. You will get around $1000 rebate from medicare. Even if you don’t have private insurance.

Consultation fee is $250, but with a GPs referral letter you will get back around $80 from medicare. My office organises this for you. So no need to line up at the medicare offices.

I am consulting tomorrow. Would like my practice manager to call you to arrange a consultation?

In the meantime, feel free to email me any more questions you may have.

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Dr. Moradi

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