How Much Does Breast Augmentation and Lift Cost?

How Much Does Breast Augmentation and Lift Cost?

I know this may sound really stupid, but I’ve been researching to get a breast augmentation and lift, I have never seen a breast lift pricing and then “types of implants used” in how the pricing is affected, would that be the same as a breast augmentation and lift, like what I’m after? 

Thank you

Yes it does get confusing. So I will try and make some sense of it for you.

  • Firstly, do you have private insurance and have you had any children? If you answer yes to both of those, then your insurance will cover the theatre cost of your breast lift and some of your surgical fees. You would then have to pay for the implants yourself. This way is the cheapest option for you.
  • Your out of pocket fees will be around $5000-$7000. Depending on your level of cover plus also whether you choose round or tear drop shaped implants (rounds are $1000 cheaper)
  • If you don’t have insurance but have had a child between the ages of 1-7 and require a breast lift, then medicare will rebate you around $800.
  • If you don’t have insurance and have not had any children and require a lift, then your out of pocket costs for everything are:
    • Round implants: $12000 (excluding gst)
    • Anatomical implants: $13000 (excluding get)
  • I charge:
    • $10,000 for round implant breast augmentation (no lift)
    • $11,000 for anatomical implant breast augmentation (no lift)

I hope this helps.

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Dr. Moradi

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