how long after I finish feeding to wait for breast-lift surgery

how long after I finish feeding to wait for breast-lift surgery


I’m interested in getting implants and possibly a lift after I finish breastfeeding (my fourth child) as I know after finishing feeding the third baby they were deflated empty skin and very saggy and small and I imagine this time will be the same… If not worse!

My question is, how long after I finish feeding do I have to wait to have the surgery? Is it just until the milk has dried up, or is there a set period of time?

I was also wondering if you do payment plans, as my private health care is extras only and does not cover hospital stays or theatre costs etc. And a rough estimate on costs so I can work it into the budget.

Thanks for your time

To answer your questions:

  1. It is best to wait at least 6months after you stop breast feeding or milk stops (whichever comes 2nd). There is no set time, just a recommendation. This way the breast volume is stable and you will get the most predictable and desirable result.
  2. I don’t have a payment plan, but can refer you to MAC health if you need assistance.
  3. Total cost for lift and implant is:
    • $13,000 for tear drop implants
    • $12000 for round implants.
This includes anaesthetist, implants, assistance fee and theatre cost.

Irrespective of your insurance status, medicare usually rebates around $800.

Or you can upgrade your insurance and wait 12months to have your procedure. The gap fee for this is around $6000. As you have to pay for the implants anyway.

I hope this helps.

If you want to arrange a consultation email me the best phone number and my practice manager will call you tomorrow.

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