Dr Moradi Featured on Inside Aesthetics

Dr Moradi Featured on Inside Aesthetics

Anatomical or round, 250cc or 390cc; have all your questions answered by Dr Moradi

Getting a breast augmentation can be a big decision and before you go under the knife, there are a lot of things you need to consider. For instance, would you prefer teardrop or round implants? Both have their benefits and preference can change from person to person.

There are also many misconceptions about breast augmentation. One of the common statements that Dr Moradi hears from patients is, “I want to fit in a DD bra.” To quote Dr Moradi, “The goal is to look good naked, not only when you’re wearing a bra.”

To answer all your questions, Dr Moradi recently sat down with hosts of Inside Aesthetics, Dr Jake Sloane and David Segal to record two dynamic episodes.

Inside Aesthetics Episode 13

Episode 13 hosts Dr Pouria Moradi, a Specialist Plastic & Reconstructive Microsurgeon at Prince of Wales, Royal Women’s & Westmead Hospitals, Sydney. Dr Moradi is also the co-founder of Park Clinic Plastic Surgery where he performs a full range of cosmetic procedures.In this episode, we discuss breast augmentation, one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. We'll explore everything you need to know from breast sizing, the implant types, the consultation, the surgery, recovery and downtime.

Inside Aesthetics Episode 14

Episode 14 welcomes back Dr Pouria Moradi, a Specialist Plastic & Reconstructive Microsurgeon. In his previous episode we discussed breast augmentation surgery using implants alone.But what if your breasts are sagging down to your waistline after breastfeeding? In this situation, more invasive surgery is required to lift or shape the breasts. And what happens if you’ve had breast cancer surgery and have lost one or both breasts? Is it possible to surgically create new breasts?

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