Breast Implant Revision – Before or After Children?

Breast Implant Revision – Before or After Children?

Breast implant revision can be a major decision. Should it occur before or after children?

Breast implant revision occurs when women are looking to correct issues post-breast implants or reconstruction surgery. These issues can include the eruption of implant, or unsatisfied with shape or size of the implant. This blog discusses whether the revision should be completed before or after children.

Before or After Children

Before Children

The reasons for undergoing breast implant revision before having children include:

  • Recovery period – Most women decide to undergo a breast implant revision prior to having children as they are worried about not being able to schedule recovery time due to having to look after a young child.
  • Time to enjoy the benefits – If having children is not planned until the distant future, then it is the correct time to undergo a breast implant revision as you will have the time to enjoy looking good. However, additional treatments may be required post-pregnancy.

After Children

The reasons for undergoing breast implant revision after having children include:

  • Changing shape and size – During a pregnancy, not only does the body change shape, but the breasts can also change shape and size. It is common for the breasts to increase in size. Although pregnancy doesn’t have a direct impact on an implant, the skin around the implant could stretch after pregnancy and the changes could jeopardize the results. This could mean that additional treatments may be required. If you don’t want any issues to occur from pregnancy, it is best to wait after children to allow the body to recover.
  • Breastfeeding – Although havening breast implants doesn’t prevent women from breastfeeding, it can cause the breast to sag. This can cause the implant to sag resulting in additional treatments. However, this can be avoided if the treatment is combined with a breast lift.
  • Natural look – Most women have a breast implant revision post-pregnancy as they want to have a natural-looking body after having children rather than having a mum body.

Breast Implant Revision Sydney

Dr Pouria Moradi has a wealth of experience and has a strong academic and clinical interest in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the breasts. He has performed this procedure for many women who have originally been unhappy with their implant results.

If you’re considering breast implant revision but also thinking about having children in the future and want expert advice, contact us and either Dr Moradi or one of our experienced team members will be happy to discuss the possible options for you.

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