Question:I had a lump in my nose that I was not happy with, so had a nose job to remove it. On the eighth day that followed the surgery, I woke up to a nose bleed that caused me to spit up a blood clot, and expel two more from my nose before the bleeding stopped. Once the bandages were removed, I used Afrin with the approval of my physician, and took a walk only to have another nose bleed that caused me to expel another blood clot from my nostril. Is this normal? Will this continue?

Answer:Spot bleeding, or minor bleeding as it is known, is not unlikely after any surgery. However, if it lasts longer than one to two weeks - no matter where it is coming from - you should follow up with your physician to ensure that you do not have an infection. If that is ruled out, you should be fine going forward.  I hope this helps.