Question: I have several questions, and in an effort to not freak out, I will try and ask them in bullet form to receive clear answers. First, my implants are saline, and were added in 1995. I am now 54. I recently had a mammogram and was told that my implants are both leaking. Here are my questions:

  • Am I in danger?
  • Is the leaking cause fatigue?
  • Am I too told to undergo another implant surgery?
  • Is silicone the natural and safe way to go now?
  • Have my pectoral muscles stretched and caused the implants to move under my arms?

Please help me if you can!

Answer:In an attempt to answer your questions completely, I too am going to provide bulleted answers.
  • No. You are not in danger.
  • No. It does not lead to fatigue.
  • No. You are not too old, and assuming you are in good health, I would suggest replacing your current implants.
  • Silicone implants are very safe, and hold their shape, form and volume better than saline.
  • No. Your pectoral muscles are not responsible for pulling the implants under your arms.
The best course of action at this juncture is to set an appointment with a local plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns with him or her in person.  He or she will be able to guide you in the proper direction so you can make informed decisions about your current and/or future implants. I hope this helps.