Hey, I'm a 22 yr old who has size 8G. I've always had large breasts and have considered a breast reduction since the age of 16. I don't really have any back pain, however, I do think my posture isn't great. I was wondering if it better to wait until I've had children to have a breast reduction as a lot of people have stated that your breasts get bigger after you have children. Thanks for your help :)

Hi Di There are few key points you need to consider when considering breast reduction surgery at your age, especially as you wish to have kids in the future: 1) Breastfeeding: to our best knowledge and based on the best available scientific evidence breast reduction surgery doesn't adversely effect the ability to breast feed. 2) Breasts go through many hormonal changes during pregnancy and after you have finished breastfeeding resulting in changes in volume and shape. If you have a reduction now you will likely need revisional surgery of some kind after you have finished breastfeeding. Of course if you want to have only one operation then wait until you have finished having all your kids, but the downside is you have to live with heavy breasts for the next 5-10years. I hope this helps and good luck.