3D Vectra Technology

Traditionally before and after photographs have been used to predict outcomes. However, using before and after photos of another patient alone is not only outdated, but also inaccurate as each patient is different. Today, attention should be placed on understanding the patient’s surgical goals and planning the procedure together.

Whilst 3D breast augmentation simulation may not be 100% accurate it is currently the most precise tool we have to predict your outcome and help with operative planning.

If you are contemplating breast augmentation or are curious to see how you would look with breast implants, then the 3D Vectra is a healthy starting point to visualise what you would look like with breast implants. During the consultation we will go through your 3D image, plus wear external sizers. Using my simulation software we will plan your operation and likely post-operative result based on implant size, shape and position.

3D breast augmentation simulation incurs no extra cost to you.

Watch 3D Vectra Technology in Action