3D Simulation

Surgical simulation offers a more accurate way to predict and plan your outcomes.

Traditionally, before and after photographs have been used to predict outcomes. However, using before and after photos of another patient alone is not only outdated, but also inaccurate as each patient is different. Today, attention should be placed on understanding the patient’s surgical goals and planning the procedure together.

In addition to educating you about the information surrounding your procedure, I utilise state-of-the-art imaging technology to help you visualise your surgical results.

Whilst 3D breast augmentation simulation may not be 100 percent accurate, it is currently the most precise tool we have to predict your outcome and help with operative planning.

Vecta 3D Imaging

If you are contemplating breast augmentation or are curious to see how you would look with breast implants, then the 3D Vectra is a healthy starting point. The technology allows you to visualise what you would look like with breast implants. During the consultation, we will go through your 3D image, plus you will wear external sizers. Using my simulation software, we will plan your operation and likely post-operative result based on implant size, shape and position.

Watch 3D Vectra Technology In Action

Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics

Crisalix is the industry-leading 3D and 4D imaging solution providing simulations for surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty. The key benefit of this technology is that you no longer need to rely completely on your imagination to picture your final result. If you want to change something about your simulated appearance, I will work with you to tweak the details of the procedure until the 3D image matches your aspirations.

Watch Crisalix Procedure For Mammo



Watch Crisalix Facial Procedure



Watch Crisalix Body Procedure


What to expect at your consultation

  1. Get a scan – To generate the 3D image, you can either be scanned during your consultation or you can start the process at home by uploading 3 photos of yourself.
  1. Visualise – In a matter of seconds, your 3D image will be generated and we will be able to make amendments as you desire
  1. Access your scan remotely – I can give you access to your scans so that you can view your 3D directly from your computer or phone.

See your results before surgery

If you are interested in learning more about our simulation software or if you are ready to book in for your consultation with me, please contact my friendly team who will be able to assist you in scheduling your appointment.


In the past, doctors used before and after photos of other patients to demonstrate the outcome of breast augmentation to new patients seeking the same procedure. Not only was this an outdated method, but each body is different meaning that results will differ, making the use of a simple photo to predict the outcome of surgery likely to be inaccurate. 3D Vectra is a technology that allows patients to more clearly be able to visualise what they would look like after surgery. While 3D breast augmentation simulation is not 100% accurate, it is the most precise tool that we have to predict your potential post-operative result based on the implant size, shape and position.